• Shanghai CISMA 2015 We are here!

    Shanghai cisma 2015, down jacket filling machine best price for you.

  • spreading machine used in exhibition

    Spreading machine used in exhibition,visitors interest in spreading machine.

  • down filling machine used in exhibition

    Down filling machine used in exhibition ,visitors look at the working process of down filling machine.

  • Customers ask questions about down filling machine

    Customers ask questions about down filling machine.He said it will be a very helpful machine for my factory.

  • Down filling machine used in China factory

    Down filling machine used in China factory,farewell duck down swirling scene.

  • Customers talk about Process steps

    Customers talk about process steps for using down filling machine.

Newly More Efficiency Goose Duck Down Filling Machinery


Newly More Efficiency Goose Duck Down Filling Machinery XIDO is a China factory in down filling machine field. Our customers are from all over the world. SCR-1P-3G is a automatic weighing down filing machine.It used the advanced technology and be widely used in recent years. If you want to change filling and get more from filling . Our machine will help you deal the filling problem of efficiency, spend,labor. Give you more than now. Basic Data The Number of Filling …

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High Speed Feather Down Jacket/Suit Making Machine

automatic down feather filling machine SCR-2P-6G_left_view

High Speed Feather Down Jacket/Suit Making Machine High efficiency filling means creating more value for down jacket factory. And our automatic filling machines will help the down jacket factory to improve their filling efficiency, get higher filling quality.  SCR-2P-6G is a high accuracy automatic weighing feather filling machine, which have been widely used in down jacket production. Model No. SCR-2P-6G Filling Materials Dry down70%-90%  Down Storage Volume(kg) 10~12kg The Number of Filling Port A total of 2, 1/each side Multiple nozzle …

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More Efficiency Goose Down Jacket Filling Machinery

xido down feather filling machine scr-2p-8g

More Efficiency Goose Down Jacket Filling Machinery XIDO machine is the manufacturer that producing automatic weighing down filling machine. Our machine was be created value for down jacket factory with high accuracy and automatic.  Automatic weighing down filling machine is a kind of mechatronics equipment. It is composed of touch screen and PLC control system. The equipment is mainly applied to stuff down and feather to down jackets, toys and so on. The full use of PLC control system can effectively …

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Automatic Feather Inject Machine for Feather Jacket

scr-2p-6G down filling machine side view 371x200

Automatic Feather Inject Machine Automatic Feather Inject Machines are very popular in China, it makes jacket manufacturer produce more feather jacket. Fast speed and low cost. We supply engineer oversea service with short installation time. With the air flow in the machine pipe and high accuracy scales, the feather can be quantitative noninvasive rushed into the down jacket. The worker only needs to press the pedal, the feather can automatic inject into the jacket. There are 6 scales in SCR-2P-6G model. …

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Fully Automatic Down Jacket Filling Machine for Jacket Maker Factory

scr-2p-6G down filling machine

Fully Automatic Down Jacket Filling Machine for Jacket Maker Factory Automatic Down Jacket Filling Machine Jacket Filling Machine Down Filling Machine is suitable for producing down filled down jacket,  women down/feather coats in all style. It is widely used to produce jackets for men, winter jackets, down/feather coats, spring jackets, lightweight down/feather jacket, goose down/feather jackets, down/feather filled parka etc. SPECIFICATIONS FOR 30 GRAM DOWN JACKET FILLING MACHINE Model SCR-2P-6G Air pressure pump minimum quantity of gas supply 0.8m3/min Power …

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High quality automatic weighting and velvet stuffing( fake down /ball fiber filling) machine

High quality automatic weighting and velvet stuffing( fake down /ball fiber filling) machine Good news. Now we have High quality fake down /ball fiber filling machine . SCM-2P-4.   This device is an electromagnetical product,bilateral filling pile structure is composed of touch panel and plc control. The production is controlled by the touch screen and PLC filling equipment for filling pearl cotton and hand torn cotton can effectively improve the  productivity,reduce labordynamic strength,improve the production environment of factory. Basic parameter Model …

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The latest down jacket filling machine scr-2p-8g

SMALL OCCUPANCY, COMPACT STRUCTURE, EASY TO OPERATE, EASY TO INSTALL SIDE VIEW   LEFT FRONT RIGHT QUALITY DETAILS Minimum air volume supply 0.8m³/min Power 1.5kW Voltage 220V 50/60Hz Minimum pressure required 0.58Mpa Volume of tank 0.6m³ Main Body Box Size(m) 2.12X0.88X2 Weight Box Size(m) 1.5X0.55X0.9 Filling Desk Size(m) 1X0.6X1.1 Minimum transport channel(m) 1X2.1 Place the smallest area(m) 5X3X2.1 Recommend placing area(m) 6X4X2.1 N.W/G.W 650/1000KG Filling Materials Down 70%-90% Filling Port 2 Down Storage Volume(kg) 10KG Single charge down weight 0.1-7g …

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2016 Houjie,Dongguan down filling machine exhibition

customers show interesting in our machine

Last week ,we ,XIDO factory went to Gd Modern International Exhibition Center Houjie,Dongguan. We show our down jacket filling machine SCR-2P-8G and Spreader Machine in this international textile and garment industry technology exhibition. Congratulations to our great team, all showed machines are sold and will be sent to customers factory soon.   Our team will be here waiting for you. Supply you good products. Good news,we now have two filling nozzles fake down filling machine.If you need this,Please let me …

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We Are XIDO,We make down/fiber filling machine

XIDO Down Filling Machine with High Accuracy We are XIDO, the manufacture of garment machine. We make down filling machine. It can used for down, pillow filling, feather filling, goose filling, milk weed filling. This has CE certification. It has been tested by EN 61000-6-1:2007,EN 61000-6-3:2007/A1:2011/AC:2012/ EN ISO 12100:2010,EN 60204-1:2006+A1:2009+AC:2010. Related to directives: Machinery and Low Voltage. Many garment maker buy this machine to setup their automatic filling line factory. This down filling machine have many features: High efficient & …

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My another propaganda page for fabric spreader

XIDO machine fabric spreader s160

Select the red cloth and blue font, to meet the trend of mainstream color.The content of the important component and its function of the spreading machine is introduced in this paper. Last form is the form of machine performance parameters.   If you like this,you can download them. Page 1 Page 2     If you have any needs in garment producing, we are the one. Any Questions Are Welcome! Whatsapp:0086 18053208561 Email:admin@suninan.com You can also visit our website:www.xidomachine.com My …

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