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Pictures Taken From One Of The Largest Uniqlo Down Jacket OEM Factory In China(2)
Pictures Taken From One Of The Largest Uniqlo Down Jacket OEM Factory In China(2)

Highest Productivity Down Stuffing Machine

FOB Price: US $ 11,000 – 25,000 / Set
Min.Order Quantity: 1 Set/Sets down jackets filling machine
Supply Ability: 150 Set/Sets per Month down vestfilling machine
Payment Terms: L/C,T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram

Quick Details


* High working efficiency: It is fully automatic and easy to operate, two to four times faster than manual work.

* Quantitative Precision: Non-contact weighing method is used, and the highest precision can reach 0.05g.

* Healthy and Environment-friendly: The application of portable dust-removal system greatly improves the overall working and productionenvironment of the down-filling workshop.

* Data saved & intelligent management control: There are

Pictures Taken From One Of The Largest Uniqlo Down Jacket OEM Factory In China(1)
Pictures Taken From One Of The Largest Uniqlo Down Jacket OEM Factory In China(1)


totally 100 different parts in the PLC system, and every part can save 100 different grams.

Down filling machine Scr-2p-6G
Down filling machine Scr-2p-6G



High-pressure air is used to absorb down through the automatic weighing system, and to fill the panel with a preset weight of down.

It is applied in down garments manufacturers’ filling process, and is applicable for 90,80,70 dry down.


1 control cabinet 

1 touch screen

4 weighing boxes

2 filling nozzles

Our Services

  *Installation and Debugging of Software and HardwareXiDo  provides installation and debugging services for respective software and hardware as well as system debugging and initialization.*System Application TrainingXiDo provides relevant training service (installation and debugging of software and hardware, process operation and report application, etc.) according to actual need of the customer.*Product MaintenanceXiDo provides technical support and maintenance as to problems and requirements with use and application scope of all relevant products.*Version UpdatingAfter updating of version of  Xido software,  Xido can also provide updating and renewal service as per actual need of the customer.*Database MaintenanceXiDo provides services of regular database inspection, maintenance and optimization or carry-over of set of books.*Hardware MaintenanceXiDo provides testing and debugging as well as repair services for hardware equipment provided by Xido .*Requirements DevelopmentThe customer can make requests in writing for software customization (including report customization, improvement of function, special function-specific requirements, etc.), and Party B will charge Party A certain fees according to difficulty.



Our Customers

Our customers


Company Information

In China Biyangte is an over 10 years textile machinery manufactory, set research and development production and sales of high-tech private enterprises;

Earlier we start research and developing spreading machine, we have rich experince on the spreading machine and also a stable market in China;

In the year of 2008 we start to develop the spreading machine business in abroad, our own brand named XIDO, our cooperation partner’s brand such as KawaKami from Vietnam / Leewal from HK / Westman Brazil etc.

Ever since our product come into the market in China, we have been working in close cooperation with our clients such as BOSIDENG/ LI-NING /UNIQLO / YOYO / DECATHLON / ADIDAS /PIERRE CARDIN etc in China.


Our Factory
Our Factory




Technology patent certificate china
Technology patent certificate china



CE certificate
CE certificate

If you have any needs in garment producing, we are the one.

Any Questions Are Welcome!

Whatsapp:0086 18053208561


You can also visit our website:www.xidomachine.com

My personal down stuffing machine blog:www.suninian.com

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  1. Hello Sir,

    I am an Electrical Engineer from Bangladesh. I need to know something about your down stuffing machine.
    “What is the Air consumption (m3/min) of this machine(single Machine)”. “If I want to run 6 of this machine at a time what will be the screw type air compressor size.”

    Thanking you
    Electrical Engineer

    • Hi Soharab,
      Glad to receive your comment.

      Each of filling nozzles air needs not less than 0.4m³/min,We have one filling nozzle and two filling nozzles type filling machine.
      You can according to the calculated 6 sets of single or double nozzle machine with air, which is used to help you select suitable screw air compressor.
      6 sets SCR-2P-6G with double nozzles, total 12 nozzles,need air not less 4.8m³/min.the 30kW power of screw air compressor maybe meet your need.
      6 sets SCR-1P-3G with single nozzle, total 6 nozzles need air not less 2.4m³/min.the 18.5kW power of screw air compressor maybe meet your need.

      Anyother questions,feel free to contact me. billfst@gmail.com

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