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Newly More Efficiency Goose Duck Down Filling Machinery

Newly More Efficiency Goose Duck Down Filling Machinery

XIDO is a China factory in down filling machine field. Our customers are from all over the world.
SCR-1P-3G is a automatic weighing down filing machine.It used the advanced technology and be widely used in recent years. If you want to change filling and get more from filling . Our machine will help you deal the filling problem of efficiency, spend,labor. Give you more than now.

Basic Data
The Number of Filling Port
The Number of Scale
Cycle Number
Accuracy Grade
Air Pressure Monitoring System
Humidification System
Multiple nozzle size(mm)
16 or 19
Feature and Advantag


1. Patent design makes filling freely for both breathable fabric and non-breathable fabric. And also prevent down going out from the stitches.

2. Advanced suction device can adsorb feather to improve the environment of work place .
3. Our machine were approved by CE.
4. Down filling machine have automatic warning system. It will reminds operator if the machine does not work properly.
5. Three scales are out of feather in turns and it improves the efficiency of making down clothing.

Our Advantages

1. The display accuracy is 0.01g that means save more materials;
2. The power is 1.5 kw and compared with old machine it will save more electric;
3. Down is Circulated in a closed environment, it improves the environment of work place;
4. The operation is simple and one filling machine’s efficiency is equaled 3-4 skilled workers;
5. Good stability ,the key components of filling machine are imported ;
6. Using air pressure to fill, which prevent down to be damaged in filling process
7. OEM service can satisfy customers more.

Detailed Images

Machine Parts

Name:       Filling Port

Brand:      XIDO 

Original:   China

      Filling port on filling machine:Special design;to convenient breath freely;to prevent out of feather from cut-parts.

Machine Parts

Name:      Foot Pedal
Brand:      XIDO
Original:  China
It makes operating easier. Foot pedal as a switch to control the filling work.

Machine Parts

Name:        Key Buttons
Brand:       XIDO
Original:    China
Down filling machine have automatic warning system.It will reminds you if the machine not work properly.

Main Features

Name:      Touch Screen
Brand:      XIDO
Original:   China
The touch screen which can save up to 100*100 data enable both single quantity filling and multiple quantity filling.

Filling Materials

Duck’s Feather and Goose’s Feather

The feather is 70%-90%.

The feather must to be dry.

Ball Fiber

XIDO Feather Filling machines can not only fill the feather, but also can fill the ball fiber, but the machine must be upgraded. And the price of upgraded machine is about $1000 more expensive than the normal. 

Our Service

*Installation and Debugging of Software and Hardware
XIDO provides installation and debugging services for respective software and hardware as well as system debugging and initialization.

*System Application Training
XIDO provides relevant training service (installation and debugging of software and hardware, process operation and report application, etc.) according to actual need of the customer.

*Product Maintenance
XIDO provides technical support and maintenance as to problems and requirements with use and application scope of all relevant products.

*Hardware Maintenance
XIDO provides testing and debugging as well as repair services for hardware equipment provided by XIDO .

*Requirements Development
The customer can make requests in writing for software customization (including report customization, improvement of function, special function-specific requirements, etc.), and Party B will charge Party A certain fees according to difficulty.

Packing & Delivery
Packaging Details
The normal package is plywood

box(Size: L*W*H).:1860*1600*2250mm
One set is in a Box,
About 6.6CBM.
About Us

Our Partner

Picture taken from the largest UNIQLO down jacket OEM factory in China.Our machine is popular in about 20 countries.More and more down jacket factory choose us machine.It helped our partner to get more interests.

Our Factory

Our factory is located in Jiangsu Changshu. Covers an area of 1000 square meters.We have strong production and research team.Take advantage of advanced technique to product the best down filling machine.

Our Exhibition

Our customers from exhibition.Every year,we will take part in so many domestic and international exhibition.With advanced technology and novel design,we got more customers.

Who Are We?
Qingdao Beyond Import & Export Co., Ltd is a company focusing on the exporting of garment machinery. Our factory, Suzhou Beyond Clothes Equipment Co., Ltd., located in the apparel city of Changshu, Suzhou, is one of the leading manufacturers in garment machinery field in China, dedicated to the designing and manufacturing of automatic cloth spreading machine, automatic down filling machine, automatic production line and automatic pattern sewer, under our own brand ”XIDO”. OEM service is available as per customer’s requirements.

To better demonstrate our machines and service, XIDO science and technology center was built in 2015, all the automatic machines and intelligent managing system are on display here. Visitors can test the machine and get more garment production solution in this center. With 37 patent design and rich experience of exporting, we manage to provide you with the excellent machine and professional service. To ensure the machine reaching your hands in good condition, our professional team spare no effort to every process of manufacture, including the packing and delivery. 

If you have and needs in garment producing, we are the one.
If you need please let me know .
We are looking forward to cooperating with you.

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