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manual filling duck down

How to choose down jacket filling machine?

By writing this article tell you how to choose down jacket filling machine.

First of all, what is down jacket filling machine? As the name suggests, the machine to fill down jacket.

At present, the production of down jacket in the international garment industry is still in the manual stage, the work efficiency is low, the environment is bad,not good to workers’ health. Many customers do not want to give the order to factory who use manual worker. They always choose large factories such as Canada goose, who using automatic filling machine.

It has three type to fill down jacket:Manual,semi-automatic,fully automatic .

The maunal type usually happened in Vietnam,Thailand, Bangladesh.This filling way is very slowly and the workers skilled degree is very high, but the experience of technical workers need a long time. factory rely on workers high degree, once this worker sick or resignation,it is impact on the production line.Factory need to train another worker.It is not good for factory in future.The important is the accuracy of gram.One bag duck down on digital electronic weightgraph,workers grab a little down, observe the change of the electronic scale.if Not enough and then grab.The accuracy is very big.Can not save down.

The semi-automatic also used in developing country.This way to filling duck down need two people.it has high speed,but it base on their cooperation .This two people can not be separate when they become partner.the reason you can understand easily.This accuracy is also not high.

This two filling way may cause working conditions worse.If your customer dont mind this,it is ok.but if they or their country mind,you lose your order.
manual filling duck down
If you never see the conditions ,I show you.

The fully automatic down filling machine has fix all the weak point.

Pictures Taken From One Of The Largest Uniqlo Down Jacket OEM Factory In China(1)
Pictures Taken From One Of The Largest Uniqlo Down Jacket OEM Factory In China(1)
  1. Highly efficient. The triple-weighingsystem enables contious high-speed fillingLabor-saving.
  2. Every single port is operated by one person and the can supply2-3 assembly lines.
  3. High quantitative precision, 0.03g can be reached .
  4. Fully-automatic and easy-operatedEnvironment-friendly.
  5. The whole process is proceeded in the sealed space, which guarantees the clean working environment.
  6. Quality guaranteed. The important parts are imported from the best suppliers abroad.


Large garment company certain styles of down jacket , specify the requirements of the full automatic filling machine.
Down jacket industry trend is fully automatic, save labor and effort to improve efficiency.
This video will show you the superiority of fully automatic down filling machine.
This machine have high accuracy per filling time.

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