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The two brand filling machine comparison-XIDO and B

Many people ask me about the price of our down filling machine,they said our price is very high, the same price to buy a down filling machine made in Italy. so I write this word to show you the difference bettwen XIDO and B.Just one goal to tell you one dollar Value one dollar. From the technical parameter analysis, does not contain brand discrimination .

For example:XIDO SCR-2P-6G :other filling machine

* All the B data from its website.XIDO  data from our introduction.
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QUANTITY OF DOWN PROGRAMMABLE PER FILLING 0.1-8g or 0.1-30g From a minimum of0.5g to a maximum of 10g
OUTPUT 2-3s per time,depent on the target gramthe max filling ability 1800 per hour(theory data).because of the worker skillful,this data maybe less than 1800. 380/400 fillings per hour
FILLING MATERIAL 70%-90% duck or goose down Fiberballs or down
ACCESSORY Post-salesRemote technical support systemEngineer oversea servicePart of wearing parts equipped with free Post-salesRemote technical support system
OPTIONAL Air compressor /air storage tank Management recipe system
ACCURACY 0.03g per time,the whole clothes fill error is less than 5%. Not mention on website


No matter from the speed or the accuracy of quantitative.XIDO has the biggest advantage.

So now you may know why we make this price.It is not high,it is worth this.

We also have series middle accuracy down filling machine.the price between USD12000~16000.

If you want to know other details please see the other post I write in this blog.



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